Is Your Business Ready for Microservice migration?


  If you relate to a large business organization, the prime question in your mind after reading the title would be- is microservices the right architecture for our project? Well, the answer that made me write this post: it could be but are you the right organization for a microservices architecture? Moving on to why suddenly I have started to talk about ‘Microservices’? Well, it’s better...

SAP Hybris Commerce: Comprehensive Digital Customer Experience


Engaging the customers to initiate the commerce process after properly understanding their needs is the crucial business challenge in any ecommerce process. The increasing role of technology in the lives of customers and the way we conduct business has a deeper influence on everyone’s behavior. This raised the existence of “digital customer experience” or the customer experience so far we know it...

The simplest ways to choose the best direction at Workplace


It’s not always apparent that you will get a win-win situation with your employer and colleagues at the workplace. But definitely, you can succeed through this adopting corporate culture and strategies of your own. Learning to survive at work is a common approach of most of the newbies in the industries. Some are afraid others are not so in their confidence spectrum. Soon after starting a...


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