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Engaging the customers to initiate the commerce process after properly understanding their needs is the crucial business challenge in any ecommerce process. The increasing role of technology in the lives of customers and the way we conduct business has a deeper influence on everyone’s behavior. This raised the existence of “digital customer experience” or the customer experience so far we know it. Regardless of the channels and devices we approach, the customer is one. This allows connecting with them in more ways possible to improve the overall digital experience about your brands, products or services.

As people-customers, consumers, buyers and prospects tend to use more digital channels than ever in their interaction with the brands, service providers and ecommerce businesses, there is an uninterrupted attention towards digital customer experience. This is an end to end process of customer lifecycle. Success in great experience will bring you the greatest profitability. The marketing strategists say, there are so many low-hanging fruits you can catch if you follow the path of gradually prioritized optimization of your service insight, collect feedbacks and analyses the reports of your valued customer behavior. Which points the platform of digital excellence in doing ecommerce business connecting your digital customer easier than before.

Where Digital, Customer and Experience meet?

How do your organization go on with reaching customer expectations? What are your to-dos? Aren’t all your strategies focused to close the gap between you and them while interacting with your business? Yes, we’ll know it and it’s not a secret anymore rather a goal to thrive for achievement. No matter how many channels and devices your customer could possibly reach out to you through, your job is to sync all their expectations and deliver the service beyond their expectation so that you never have to think about a separate retention strategy. You probably are running amazing campaigns, promotional offers, special valued services but are these reaching to your clientele properly? Have you collected and analyzed their feedback of all the specific service, offers or campaign provided at a single time? We understand the task might not be easier as it sounds since there are quite a few of the complex steps to ensure that takes time, money and intellectual resources to run by:

Defining a digital customer experience

Your customer doesn’t probably care about the way you are approaching, digital on non-digital as long as they are convinced with the experience that takes less of their time to decide on purchase decision regardless of wherever they are. What actually matters here, is how you are going to get to your customer with exactly the service, products they wanted. This comes to you, to study and analyze their online behavior and other customer information.

Dissecting the digital customer 

Your digital presence is not enough for your business to be a success. You have to keep engaging with your clients. To your customer you have to be all ears in from every channel they reach out to you or vice versa. You, therefore, need to sync all the interaction happening through all the channels available.

Digital Innovation

Innovate your business into ideas that is capable to engage with your customer all the time. You need to choose the right platform and merge all your strategies into it. Your customer and more digital-savvy than you are, that is what you should keep in mind. Digital experience is what more than it meets on the eye today. We prefer online commerce than going outside and wasting time and money on it.

Data Integration

Using technologies and analytics in the right way on rich customer data meets the digital integration of customer expectation and experience.

Collaboration to become Customer-First

All your digital activities are focused on one thing, that is a satisfying customer and growing your brand identity towards profitability. Collaborate the scattered strategies and build one complete agenda to fall for one primary goal.

Adopting the most appropriate technology best-suited for product and customer oriented ecommerce business is a challenge of today. There is hardly any business today where lack of advanced technology is not threatening for the brand growth and profitability. For industry of ecommerce business, the examples and beyond count falling apart in absence of choosing the wrong digital approach; yet for the survivors the market is more competitive than before.

For most of them, it’s pretty easy to go out of business for not updating the technology smartly enough to keep the pace. But not yet, let me give you some good news and views.

SAP Hybris Cloud, the platform that highly optimizes the digital customer experience.  With regular product upgrades and enhancement, efficient self-service tools omnichannel ecommerce support SAP give amazing contextual experience and hence is highly appropriate for both B2B and B2C businesses.

SAP Hybris for Online Commerce

Expectations of your customers are always competitive to meet. Delivering great experience and meeting the expectations of customers achieves the brand loyalty for you, where SAP Commerce introduced the Hybris Cloud platform to leverage the task for you.

SAP Hybris introduces built-in omni-channel, versatile and connected cloud platform that lets you to engage with customers and tempt for transaction anytime everywhere through any device they are in. SAP Ecommerce migration helps understanding all your customers footprint, meaning of their interactions, expectations from content to merchandising needs. SAP claims to be that comprehensive platform that puts a cut on complexity of reaching your customers in less time once integrated with your system. Hybris is responsive to the rapid change of your market condition and showcases your products and services creating a personalized, relevant experience for the customers to return back to you for more. What’s the strategy behind SAP Hybris customer retention? Well, it’s omni-channel, well-organized digital content management cloud platform supporting B2B and B2C business at the same brunch.

What’s in for B2B/B2C commerce with Omni-Channel Cloud platform?

Ecommerce serves in a few specific channels as in chains of business through which the services pass towards the end customers. Intermediaries of the channels can be the wholesalers, retailers, distributors, internal staffs, B2B customers and even the Internet itself. Omni channel is that holistic customer experience supporting the commerce services regardless of all the channels the intermediaries interact through. It integrates all other channels to work together focused on one simple goal- Positive brand experience! This is the crucial business aspect for any ecommerce service to compete and succeed in the current market, and there comes in SAP Hybris Commerce!

Hybris as one of the omni-channel commerce software leaves seamless integration with all the selling points of your business; connects meaningfully with your customers at every device any moment required.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of Hybris we are praising much-
Shop as you watch

Once your customer is convinced of the products to buy watching on TV or promotional message or on a mobile push notification, they would approach to buy it right away, using- the mobile app or any device that comes in handy. Nonetheless, are you there to serve that customer? Are you there on every device and every platform ready to interact to them? If you want that customer you better be! With Hybris you can be, since SAP syncs all your applications and service channels altogether so you never miss a customer looking for you.

Alert while a Shop Nearby

Engage and engage more! Go with your customers everywhere they go, not by following by being with them at every step they take. With the help of integrated Geo Locator, SAP Hybris can notify your customers when there is a shop nearby. You never know when customers need your product, but you can remind them while they pass by your shop!

Deliver Directly

Ecommerce business is marked by a few service standards and delivery is one on the top chart. Improve your delivery service standards, even when your product is out of stock, let your customers know instantly when and where it will available, in-store or to their doorstep. Hybris never leaves a single customer with feelings of being too late.

SAP Understands what your customers really want!

  1. Convenience
  2. The product they liked
  3. They want it faster!
  4. Lesser price

If you can ensure your ecommerce clients, the product or service they want, when they want and what they want, you ensure their revisit to your doorstep up next! And that’s where SAP Ecommerce migration brings you, Customized, Relevant and omni-channel digital customer experience anywhere and anytime.

SAP Hybris is the most trusted commerce platform out there since the stable release in 2016 and upgrades in every now and then to keep you ahead in the market. Your ecommerce business needs Hybris Integration right at the time when you feel to serve your customer with the digital experience they deserve.

*Image Sources: SAP Hybris Forum!

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Asma Swapna is a tech content writer at Brain Station 23 and an active open source enthusiast. She conventionally writes on the fact that interests her most. Asma's recent R&D enlists SDN, RUST lang and corporate behavior.

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Asma Swapna is a tech content writer at Brain Station 23 and an active open source enthusiast. She conventionally writes on the fact that interests her most. Asma's recent R&D enlists SDN, RUST lang and corporate behavior.

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